Raptors OG

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Raptors OG (Miami Heat X Triple OG #6)

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Raptors OG

Father: Triple OG #6
Mother: Miami Heat
Flowering Time: 70+ Days
Variety: 70% Indica

4 Female Seeds

Raptors OG is a definite game winner, and the conception of the two highest yielding genetics at Future Genetix. These plants turn into Raptors quickly as they stretch over 300% in flower. Raptors OG produces bicep sized colas that will make normal plant supports struggle to hold the heat. Expect large alien lime green buds with hues of pink and scents of ammonium and fresh lemons in 9+ weeks. Raptors OG will hit over 28% THC in lab tests with high levels of myrcene and Limonene. Raptors OG will grow multiple pounds from a single plant in the right environment. Want to win the game? Put your Raptors in your garden!


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