White Wedding

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Breathwork x Wedding Cake Killer Malawi

11 Regular Seeds


Mother: Breathworks
Father: Wedding Cake / Killer Malawi
Flower Time: 8 to 9 weeks 
Yield: Large yield 
11 Regular seeds per pack 

Description: Perfectly spicy sour sandalwood buttercream. An extreme euphoric high that becomes more intense and sedating with each inhale. Great medicinally as it stimulates appetite and reduces pain. This high is creative and euphoric. White Wedding can make you feel heavy and happy; be ready for the munchies. White Wedding gets better and better the longer she cures. Conclusion extreme smoke with extreme terps and an extreme euphoric high 

This particular pheno shown here displays a heavy wedding cake influence. The Malawi certainly has its influence with the Malawi colors and heavy sativa presence. Breathworks is a beautiful host as her lineage is famous with the Mendo Breath colors and flavors along with the gassiness of Grateful Breath. 

There is a long stretch and fill out in flower. Vegging her for one month took her to a beautiful five foot tall finished plant with perfect flowers. 

White Wedding is the type of cross you can settle down with for a long term relationship (and hopefully bring home to mom). 

Notes from tester Hazey Brunch. 

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